Women’s size 6.5 Coach shoes blinged with swarovski crystals, Basketball Shoes Size 13

Women’s size 6.5 Coach shoes blinged with swarovski crystals Details & Price

These shoes are sure to make a statement! They are fun, sassy, and Coach brand! They are size Women’s 6.5, and blinged with swarovski crystals. The shoe is very colorful so it will match just about anything you wear. What’s not to love? ***These blinged shoes should only be spot cleaned with a damp, soapy washcloth. I do not advise washing them in a washing machine or dunking them in a bucket of water. My girls and I wear our blinged shoes all the time and rarely loose a crystal, however please note that I do not guarantee crystals will not fall off with time or use. All of the Swarovski crystals are glued by hand and secured well. Please do not allow your child to pick or chew at the crystals, and note that Shoe Glam buyers are responsible for their children safety. Thank you so much!*** , . Price : $90.00

Women’s size 6.5 Coach shoes blinged with swarovski crystals Specs

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Women’s size 6.5 Coach shoes blinged with swarovski crystals Comment & Rate

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