Women’s Extended Size Shoes, The Newton Kismet 4 Mixes Speed and Support

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Women’s Extended Size Shoes – Image via stravers.shoes

Women’s Extended Size Shoes – There is something about Newton’s shoes that lures runners. Whether they are attracted to striking colors, protruding sol luggy, or just naughty enough to joke “Fig or Isaac?”, They are curious about shoes that ooze eccentricity. And Kismet 4 is no exception. The fourth iteration of this stability kick displays Newton’s iconic front legs – the brand’s “secret sauce” to increase energy returns – and full length cushioning using high rebound foam. But what makes Kismet separate from its neutral brothers is expanded medial support, a stronger foam section that targets overpronization. Data from RW Shoe Lab confirms that this update significantly increases shoe support over Kismet 3, and our use testers echo additional stability.

“These shoes exceed my expectations for support,” said a tester. “It really does its job to keep my ankles from rolling.”

Women’s Extended Size Shoes

The Kismet has a sharp, travel company that likes to get you up and landing on your feet. Although striking heel runners find this a little awkward at first, they also appreciate the shoe push for a more efficient step. “I struggled initially with the forefoot of the shoe, but then after I got used to it, it helped my running shape improve,” said a tester.

But Kismet is responsible for those who hit hard heels with softer foam on the back. The male model is slightly more balanced, but the female version has more heels with a rather soft front leg. Our testers believe that Kismet hit the sweet spot because of the mixture of pads and weight.

An Iconic Midsole
This is the dirty thing in Newton’s famous midsole. “P.O.P.” those labeled on Kismet are the only ones who point to “Point of Power” shoes and refer to one of the three driving experiences offered by the brand. The Kismet 4 nabs a P.O.P. 2, which means that five lugs under his feet are slightly less prominent with rounded corners. This makes shoes less propulsive and aggressive than P.O.P. 1 pair, like Motion 7, and better for Newton newbies. And our RW Lab Data shows that it’s not hype – Kismet sends far above average energy return scores, although it’s not equivalent to bouncier foam like the Adidas Boost midsole.

The Kismet does add a little weight to the previous model, but it still remains light friendly. Extra weight can be attributed to the added stability features of shoes, such as extended medial posts – stronger and more cultured EVA foam seen on the inner soles. Now starting from the front of the heel to the front foot for maximum support.

Grippy for Dry Road
Traction is the only area where Kismet slips. While our testers argue that the grip of the shoes is satisfying on dry roads, some feel a little unsteady on a wet surface or run in the rain. Some people also voiced concern that after the loot the front foot began to weaken, there was not enough footprint on the heel to get a good grip on the sidewalk. Higher mileage testers report that the outsole is too fast to support their training load, but those who enter under 30 miles a week do not have problems with Kismet resistance.

Flexible Mesh with Reflective Detail
Newton uses the open-weave mesh above that our testers like for airiness, and avoids thick plastic overlays so that the shoes wrap your feet more naturally. The Kismet also has a flex panel on the front foot so that your toes can spread inside the shoe, while strapping thin and flexible marry the outsole and hit for extra support.

The last note that appears in the test is that Kismet can walk small – which comes from Nike, Brooks, and Asics shoes will hit half the size.

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