The Highest Quality of Soft Shoe Richmond KY Store Review

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Soft Shoe Richmond KYIt has been providing soft shoes for Richmond and surrounding counties since 1983. Since 1987 shoes, they were in our current location in EKU by password. Their customer base has grown, so has another option. In early 2014, the brand has grown to choose soft shoe to include more than 100 brands of shoes for women, men and children.

Soft Shoe Richmond KY employees all have one thing in common. They have to find the right pair of shoes for each client, one pair at a time. This is the personal attention to all the customers that set us apart. Our goal is simple. Care for our customers and do everything in its power to send happy door. Along with exceptional customer service, they have to choose the brand sets us apart from other shoe stores you visit. Whether you’re looking for something funny, something comfortable, or abusive, you’ve got you covered.

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Soft Shoe Richmond KY

Soft Shoe Richmond KY is proud of their work and the Department of Safety. They work hard to provide the highest level of quality brands and choose the style of the most durable and comfortable they offer. They stock a wide range of styles in size and offer extended wear 30 days in most tests of safety shoes.  Along with the media, they have a wide viewing and extra available in stock.  There are many options of shoes and boat you can choose from this store.

Soft Shoe Richmond KY

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