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Best Neutral Running Shoes Mens – New Balance traced its origin back to 1906, when William Riley founded the New Balance Arch Company in Boston and began selling arch support for shoes. A pair of the company’s first sneakers appeared later, in 1938, but soon New Balance produced shoes that earned a high-quality reputation. His first breakthrough came with the release of Trackster running shoes in 1960, which was designed to fit different leg widths – a new idea at the time. In 1976, 320 new running shoes from the 2012 Balance Sheet became the number one shoe on the market, and strengthened the company’s status as a global leader in running.

Over the years, New Balance has developed a corporate philosophy to create top of the line running shoes and a commitment to produce some of them in the United States (and also the UK, where it has long maintained a strong presence). The 990, first introduced in 1982, became an innovative model for New Balance with its revolutionary ENCAP technology. In this shoe, EVA foam in the midsole is encapsulated by a polyurethane shell, which helps the foam maintain its shape and bounce over time. The result is very strong and durable running shoes that athletes like. It’s still a popular model today, and one of the main shoes in the company’s Made in USA series.

Best Neutral Running Shoes Mens

New Balance continues to innovate today, and there are several technologies sought in the company’s line of shoes. Like other shoe makers, New Balance has entered a foam war by engineering its own foam – Fresh Foam – which is used on the soles of its best-selling running shoes. This lighter and ultra-shake foam adds superior pads without gluing the weight. Another innovation for the midsole is FuelCell, where TPU foam is injected with nitrogen, which creates sharp reflections and increases energy return so you can set foot faster when running. The New Balance has not completely abandoned EVA foam either: RevLite is a refined EVA material designed to provide the cushion with maximum response, and it is used in some lighter and slimmer shoes where a good feeling for the soil is important. Long story short, New Balance has been synonymous with decades of quality kicks, and the shoes below show the reason.


890 earned the RW Best Update award for spring 2018, and there is much to love about the revamped version. At 9.2 ounces for men and 7.6 ounces for women, it is light enough to run tempo and race, but still feels soft with REVLite’s hind legs underfoot. This update has a wider fit than the previous model, and New Balance adds a thin layer of plastic on the forefoot – the clothing tester likes the “sharp feel” it gives.

US-made 990v4

990 has been in the ranks of New Balance for 30 years, and continues to enjoy today’s loyal following. As part of the “Made in the USA” shoe series, 990 has gained the trust of runners looking for stable and durable shoes that last more than high mileage. The secret formula is ENCAP, where the foam of EVA midsole is encapsulated in a polyurethane shell – the foam provides the bearings, while the polyurethane company creates stability and foams from losing its reflections over time.

Fresh Foam Beacons

Seeded as one of the best lightweight shoes for 2018, Beacon presents a luxurious foam-based trip while barely changing the scale to only 7.5 ounces for men and 6.2 ounces for women. New Balance integrates a more durable version of Fresh Foam, called Ground Contact, into this shoe. That means they can limit heavy rubber to just a few points that have high wear on the front and heel and save weight as a result. Top it off with light, breathe up, and you have shoes that are ready for whatever type of running you have in mind.

1080v8 Fresh Foam

Testers wear RW raving that this is the most comfortable shoe they have ever run, and it’s not surprising, because 1080 packs in a lot of Fresh Foam in the midsole. But other features also contribute to great leg flavor: A soft mesh at the top and a redesigned midfoot wrap helps hold your feet, and gently, ankle shaped axes provide an almost-custom fit. Because we get a lot of reviews and soft technology, we named it one of the best bearing shoes 2018.

Fresh Foam Hierro v3

We named Hierro one of the best trail shoes in 2018, and had a number of prominent features that helped him get a place on our list. The fresh foam pads on the midsole provide a soft and supportive ride – so soft, in fact, that you can work on a stretch of sidewalk on your path without biting your joints. The bending layer wraps the upper part for structure and protection, and our testers like how the knitted ankle collar locks in the trace debris.

FuelCell Impulse

Unlike beefier models like 1080 or 990, FuelCell Impulse is slim and fast. This midsole consists of Revlite EVA foam and two FuelCell inserts, which together create a response, surge and still give your feet a good feeling for the road. Although rubber is limited to two areas in the outsole to save weight, clothing testers report good traction, even on gravel, and they like how smooth tops create a secure fit.

Fresh Foam Zante v4

Zante has many things: Light, relatively cheap, and able to cross a variety of distances. One of the RW editors stated that he would run on Zantes v3 “until they are completely detached from my feet.” Only really well-designed shoes that can inspire such kind of affection, but Zante’s quick and flexible support of those claims . Fresh foam in the midsole provides good cushioning and support without maximizing weight, and the all-rubber outsole provides superior durability wherever you go.

Fresh Foam Gobi v2

Gobi also lists the best trail shoes for 2018, and takes home the Best Debut award in 2017 – well-decorated shoes, to say the least. With a design similar to Fresh Foam Zante, the weight is lower (9.1 ounces for men, 7.3 ounces for women) and gentle riding will help you keep track. Diamonds on the outsole provide superior grip in a gnarly field, but their flat shape makes them suitable for dense soil.

KOM / QOM Summit

Designed to handle the toughest terrain, the Summit is a heavy duty shoe that will keep you going through the rain, mud, rocks – whatever happens in nature. A RockStop plate provides protection from debris under the feet, and RevLite midsole that is supple adds a pillow while still making your feet feel the ground. Large and spacious lugs and Vibram Megagrip outboards provide excellent traction, and using testers report good footing even in poor conditions. Although some testers do not like the cranky lacing system, overall shoes get high marks to stand up to the elements.

LD5000 v5

Made with elite drivers in mind, LD5000 has a design that is informed by a wealth of biomechanical data. RevLite foam in midsoles and detachable sockliners provides cushioning, and clothing testers report that these shoes are very balanced between the softness and feel of the track. Long-spike plates are perfectly tuned to optimize landing, grip, flexing, and propulsion, but the results are either hit or missed for testers – some like it, and others feel that the ridge is small (this also applies to the top). Bottom line: It has the potential to be a rocket on your feet, but make sure you give them a trial before buying.

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